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Calibrate Your Water To The Vibration of Crystals!

Water is a living being, that nurtures us and gives us the ability to feel emotions and savor all the flavors of life. When water is surrounded by loving energy, it has the power to heal wounds internally and externally on emotional and physical levels. 

The Reason for Most Disease is Dehydration, and Bad Hydration!

Most people are confusing their dehydration for hunger. Because their bodies are so used to eating instead of drinking the majority of the day, when they get thirsty they will think that they are hungry because the cells are used to being hydrated through food. 

Researchers also estimate that 50 to 75 percent of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration and don’t realize it. 

And with the little water that is present in most people, the water is being infiltrated by bad thoughts, bad feelings, without thorough cleansing and replenishment on a daily basis.

The Placebo Effect Happens through Waters Molecular Structure.

When we repetitively think certain thoughts, our emotions will respond to those thoughts. Emotions rule the element of water, and so does all memory and information about the past. When life happens, our emotions will store the information we learn and experience in the form of water molecules. 

These water molecules then begin to influence the entire equilibrium and homeostasis of our bodies, for our better alignment or for our detriment. 

Crystals are The Earths Eternal Source of Information!

We call them the stone people, because within each crystal is an energetic signature that the Earth herself speaks through. Water found in creeks, Mountains, close to the earths minerals is some of the best and purest water in the world. When water and earth work together, the results are magical. Earth and Water compliment each other, and Support each other in keeping the balance of life on this planet.

How Can You Keep Your Cells Happily Hydrated?

Each Crystal used within our gemstone water bottle can calibrate the vibrational frequency of your water to that of your desired energy you look to embody. The Energy of each Crystal is as follows:

  • OBSIDIAN :  Black obsidian is a type of natural glass. Obsidian forms when hot volcanic lava becomes submerged in water. It is composed of silica dioxide and has a glassy appearance. Black Obsidian is a very powerful and creative stone.  It increases self-control.  It forces facing up to one’s true self.  Releases imbalances and negative energies.  Black Obsidian is protective and provides support during change.  It repels negativity and disperses unloving thoughts.               * ROOT CHAKRA *
  • ROSE QUARTZ:  Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system, and releases impurities from body fluids.  It hastens recovery, reduces high blood pressure, aids chest and lung problems, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and alleviates vertigo.  A good energetic support for those with leukemia. Rose Quartz has the power to increase fertility and to protect both mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage.                                                                    *HEART CHAKRA*
  • CLEAR QUARTZ: Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer" and will amplify energy and thought, as well as the effect of other crystals.  It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy.  Clear Quartz draws off negative energy of all kinds, neutralizing background radiation, including electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations.  It balances and revitalizes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes.  Cleanses and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.  Clear Quartz enhances psychic abilities.  It aids concentration and unlocks memory.  Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance.  Clear Quartz harmonizes all the chakras and aligns the subtle bodies.                                                                *CROWN CHAKRA*
  • AVENTURINE: Aventurine is a stone of prosperity.  It reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.  Promotes compassion and empathy.  Encourages perseverance.  Aventurine relieves stammers and severe neuroses.  It stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception and enhances creativity.  Aids in seeing alternatives and possibilities.  Calms anger and irritation.  Promotes feelings of well-being.  Aventurine balances male-female energy.  It encourages regeneration of the heart.  Protects against environmental pollution. *HEART CHAKRA*
  • AMETHYST: Amethyst boosts hormone production, tunes the endocrine system and metabolism.  It strengthens the immune system, reduces pain and strengthens the body to fight against cancer. It destroys malignant tumors and aids in tissue regeneration.  Cleanses the blood.  Relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress.  Amethyst eases headaches and releases tension.  It reduces bruising, swellings, injuries, and treats hearing disorders.  Amethyst heals diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, skin conditions, cellular disorders and diseases of the digestive tract.                   *THIRD EYE*
  • CITRINE:  Citrine attracts wealth, prosperity and success.  It imparts joy, wonder, delight and enthusiasm.  Raises self-esteem and self-confidence.  Stimulates the brain, strengthening the intellect.  Citrine promotes motivation, activates creativity and encourages self-expression.  Enhances concentration and revitalizes the mind.  It releases negative traits, depression, fears and phobias.  Emotionally balancing. Citrine also reverses degenerative disease and helps balance chemical imbalances in the body.  Beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, it stimulates digestion, the spleen and pancreas.  Negates kidney and bladder infections.  Citrine helps eye problems, increases blood circulation, detoxifies the blood, activates the thymus and balances the thyroid.  Relieves constipation and removes cellulite. *SACRAL/SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA*
  •  RED AGATE: The power of red agate goes through our digestive system and helps in healing gastroenteritis. A wonderful crystal that helps in our stomach, uterus, intestines, eyes and a lot of other problems. This includes the healing of skin diseases such as common insect bites.                                                                                       *ROOT CHAKRA*

    Amazonite is a soothing stone.  It calms the brain and nervous system and aids in maintaining optimum health.  Balances the masculine and feminine energies.  Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view.  It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear.  Dispels negative energy, aggravation and blockages within the nervous system.  Amazonite assists in manifesting universal love.  It protects against electromagnetic pollution and absorbs microwaves. Amazonite is beneficial in osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency and calcium deposits.  It relieves muscle spasms.                                                                                     *HEART/THROAT CHAKRA*

  •  LABRADORITE:  A stone of transformation, Labradorite is a useful companion through change, imparting strength and perseverance. It balances and protects the aura, raises consciousness and grounds spiritual energies. Excellent for strengthening intuition - promoting psychic abilities. Powerful in revealing the truth behind illusions, Labradorite banishes fears and insecurities, and strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe. It stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, developing enthusiasm and new ideas.
    Labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain, stimulates mental acuity, and relieves anxiety and stress. It regulates metabolism, balances hormones and relieves menstrual tension. Labradorite treats colds, gout, and rheumatism, lowers blood pressure, and aids in digestion.                                                              *THROAT/THIRD EYE/CROWN CHAKRA*

  • TURQUOISE:   Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem solving.  It is a symbol of friendship, and stimulates romantic love. Turquoise aids in the absorption of nutrients, enhances the immune system, stimulates the regeneration of tissue, and heals the whole body.  It contains anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects, and alleviates cramps and pain.  Turquoise purifies lungs, soothes and clears sore throats, and heals the eyes, including cataracts.  It neutralizes over acidity, benefits rheumatism, gout, stomach problems, and viral infections.                                                            *HEART/THROAT/THIRD EYE CHAKRA*
  • DRAGON BLOODSTONE:  Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone.  It heightens intuition and increases creativity.  It is grounding and protecting.  Bloodstone draws off negative environmental energy, helping to overcome influences such as geopathic or electromagnetic stress.  It stimulates dreaming and is a powerful revitalizer.  Gives courage and teaches you how to avoid dangerous situations.  Bloodstone encourages selflessness and idealism.  Assists in acting in the present moment.  Bloodstone calms and revitalizes the mind, dispels confusion and enhances decision-making.  Assists in adjusting to unaccustomed circumstances.  Reduces irritability, aggressiveness and impatience.         *ROOT CHAKRA*
  • EPIDOTE: Epidote immediately raises the vibration in areas that are congested, filled with debris or overly dense. It can help you find the core patterns behind physical disease and can assist you in moving into a hopeful and positive emotional state to support general healing. It is excellent for working on cancerous tumors, cystitis, fibrosis and similar manifestations. Epidote reminds you that there is plenty for everyone, including good health, sufficient income and unconditional love. This stone assures you that all your basic needs are met with an abundance left over to share with others.                               *ROOT/HEART CHAKRA*

Bottle Height: 10.6 inches

Bottle Width: 2.9 inches

Bottle Weight: 23.9 ounces

Hand Rope Made with 100% Pure Cotton & Hemp

Bottle Made of Pure Glass

Base & Top Made of 100% Bamboo