Black Tourmaline EMF Protection Necklace

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Shield Your Body From Electromagnetic Frequencies Using Black Tourmaline!


How EMF's Can be Harmful to the Body

EMF's, better known as Electro Magnetic Frequencies that Emanate from unnatural sources such as Cell Phones, Computers and Televisions create a vibrational frequency within the atmosphere that we cannot see, taste, smell or touch with our basic senses. EMF detectors are the same instruments used to detect "spiritual" presences of entities good or bad. 

The EMF's that come from the forest, and natural areas are usually beneficial to the body, mind and spirit. Creating states of greater harmony with the earth. Technological EMF's are subtle and not on a natural vibratory frequency of the earth and so when we calibrate our cells to these devices, our health can be affected.

EMF's from our devices are changing the molecular structure of our cells 

In our Gemstone Water Bottle product page, we explain how water in our body can be transmuted to benefit the molecular structure of our cells. The same is true for technology emitted EMF's from WIFI, Cell Phones, TV's and Computers. These EMF's affect the water molecules in our body and does not benefit us. 

Take a look at this plant that has been fed radiated water versus the plant that has been fed pure water, and see what happens to the plants after 7 days.

A Few EMF Protection Crystals That Can Help You. ... Shungite, Black Tourmaline, Fulgurite, Eucryptite, Aventurine, Aegirine, Black Moonstone, Fluorite, Amazonite and Flint are all helpful for healing the effects of EMF's.

Electromagnetic shielding that blocks radio frequency electromagnetic radiation is also known as RF shielding. The shielding can reduce the coupling of radio waves, electromagnetic fields, and electrostatic fields. 

  • ✅ FEEL GROUNDED AND SECURE: Black Tourmaline natural stone makes you feel firmly anchored to the earth and its healing vibrations. In addition, the volcanic lava chakra stones and crystals, stand tall simply because it's a part of the earth's womb, itself. Lava Stone is also a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth.
  • ✅ EMF PROTECTION: Our healing crystals necklace is an excellent energy pendant for everyone because it uses the bodyguard stones that provide protection and elimination of negative energy. EMF shield, the Black Tourmaline crystal necklace is one of the most powerful scalar energy pendants for ABSORBING EMF RADIATION, which makes it excellent for emf radiation protection for cell phone, computers, etc.
  • ✅ EMOTIONAL TRANQUILITY, RELAXATION AND A SENSE OF CALMNESS: As a semi-precious stone and a NEGATIVE ION GENERATOR, this black tourmaline pendant serves as a powerful energy protector, supports circulation by preventing the red blood cells to pile up. Black Tourmaline crystal cleanses the icky thought patterns that are keeping you up at night.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure..

  • Buy EMF Phone Protection Gear such as EMF Blocking Phone Cases. 
  • Get Blue Light Blocking Glasses, Or Screen Protectors for all of your Electronic Devices.
  • Decrease The Amount of Time You Spend Around Electronic Devices.
  • Get EMF Blocking Sheets, and Bedspreads so that when you sleep at night your exposure can be minimal.
  • Get Grounded, Walk barefoot on the Earth.
  • Use Healing Crystals, and Develop Yourself Spiritually.
  • Remove Smart Meters!
  • Spend More time with People, in Nature.