Our Mission

To Be Green supplies the people and communities with a wealth of knowledge, wisdom, products and tools stimulate stress relief, body correction, earth preservation and overall healing.


To Be Green was founded by Esaia Mystic, Certified Soul Medicine Practitioner, Kemetic Yoga instructor and Spiritualist in 2017. It all started with her daily rituals of Kemetic Yoga and Fasting that started her up on her journey into holistic health and wellness. Soon enough she was green juice fasting for 7 days every month, and she completely transformed her body and mind in the ways she perceived health. To be green started with bottles of green juice she would prepare for her family and community in her hometown of New Orleans. It then branched out into Seattle and was known for being one of the only black owned businesses that featured eco-friendly and sustainable oral care health care. With the birth of her daughter, she took a pause on her business and decided to focus on her health because she was coming to realize something about her business that she hadn't understood completely before...

She hit a wall in her business, and the wall was built with her own sudden heart issues during her experience in motherhood. She felt the issues could be solved through the foods, the routines, and the products only. When in actuality the issues could only be solved through the energy of her own heart and soul. The foods, product and lifestyle was only the gateway to healing-- the real renewal had to take place within. 

While there are medical systems, many of them do not integrate earthly and spiritual practices into their practice. Many people are getting sick from the routines of an unfulfilling lifestyle, and getting sicker after the medications, and the masculine centered healing that western culture has adopted. It is cut off from all spiritual understanding of the body, the earth and how those two mechanisms interact in a universal way. In order to unify divine feminine energy with the masculine forces of knowledge and science, To Be Green was born.

Why To Be Green?

To Be Green is for the advancement of the Earth to successfully create a sustainable environment for all living things—environmentally, socially and economically. 

Heart disease is presently the entire world's biggest killer, as more than 15.2 million people died in 2016 from heart issues as stated by the World Health organization. 

We see that with the rising rates of heart disease and the decline in environmental sustainability in relationship to social dynamics, economical dynamics and health dynamics is deeply intertwined with the balance we keep with the earth. 

There are plastic polluting and toxic products that the average american consumers dispose of on a daily basis, and this market thrives on the ignorance and assumed poverty mindsets that are engraved into the people.

How many times have you encountered an ailment in your body, or in your life and had no clue how to solve it? In our society, we trust in our systems more than we trust in the nature of life. To Be Green seeks to hand a guidebook of how to live healthy into the lives of the people.

To Be Green brings back balance to the hearts of the people and the state of the earth through providing sustainable, eco-friendly and health promoting products to the awareness of the people so that they may make healthier choices for their lifestyle and their childrens. We are reminding the world how the balance we hold within ourselves and in our external world can in turn renew our hearts, bodies and enhance our lifestyle.

Say Goodbye to the ongoing poverty cycles within households

Say Goodbye to the health crisis of the people

Say Goodbye to dysfunctional social relationships

Here at To Be Green, We are welcoming in WEALTH, HEALTH, and LOVE for communities across America and reaching further globally into the world.


What We Are Offering:

Ecommerce Store:

This online ecommerce store provides communities with health promoting essentials and eco friendly products that can be found all in one place without doing vigorous searching for all your green needs.

Some of the products include:

  • Increasing Circulation through Copper Therapy

  • Back Pain Remedies through Magnetic Therapy

  • Body Braces to increase recovery from physical trauma

  • Bamboo, and Reusable products that are otherwise plastic and non-recyclable.


The To Be Green sends out notifications and features resources, information, and courses to enabling a greener lifestyle that you can access from anywhere.

Some of these features include:

  • Daily inspirational reminders on living healthy and sustainable lifestyles

  • Daily Breathing Exercises to increase vitality

  • Resources from all over that can be accessed to delivery a great experience in making greener choices.

The Space:

The To Be Green space is an an eco friendly wellness retreat center for people of all backgrounds to come and receive an energetic reset. There will be Reiki healers, Yoga Specialists, Herbal Fasting Coaches, and many more holistic healing opportunities for the people offered. 

Some of the features include:

  • Reiki Healing

  • Acupuncture 

  • Yoga

  • Massage Therapy

  • Aroma Therapy

  • Sauna Detoxing

  • Herbal Remedying

and much more..!


Tour & Events:

To Be Green is traveling around the country to congregate enliven the lives of people that need the energetic support to transition into a healthier and holistic lifestyle, educating youth and families on living and being green.

  • What you can expect from a To Be Green event:

  • Bring people and communities together to Celebrate the Earth.

  • Sharing, Teaching and Collaborating with people and youth.

  • Make being eco-friendly a lighthearted and trendy discussion through creative opportunities to showcase artwork, talents and visions of the future.

The To Be Green Housing Movement!

3D Printing Housing creates durable housing that can withstand hurricanes and earthquakes while being extremely cost efficient. Cost of housing is rising as with the rates of homelessness in major cities of America. The people are worth the investment of sustainable and eco-friendly housing and To Be Green is invested in bringing more eco friendly and sustainable options of living to the people.


We donate 2% off all our profit to fellow organizations on a mission to help heal this earth. If you are interested or know of any organizations please email them to tobegreenco@gmail.com. 

We are partnered with manufacturers around the world to provide us with quality products. Everyone has a right to health and wellness and we look to deliver the purest ways of achieving it.