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"Corona Virus" and the massive media uproar about what's happening in our present times has indeed put a strain on many businesses including To Be Green.

Various manufacturers that supply this store with our high quality products had been backed up and unable to process orders and shipments since February of 2020, and as of March much of our activity had been slowed down and as a result orders have been backed up and shipped out much later than usual. 

Right now we are catching up on everything, and if we haven't gotten to your orders and inquiries as of yet please be patient with us and know that your patience, time and energy is much appreciated and is being rewarded!

Our Spring Giveaway of EMF Protection products is being pushed back to the Beginning of Summer and the exact date of the Winners being chosen will be announced in the coming days.

With that being said, please do not panic or be fearful. Let this time move you into an awareness that it's possible you have been avoiding the truth of before.

The way to thrive during this time surprisingly is no to quarantine yourself into you house (unless you are a natural introvert), now is the time to go outside into the forests, into nature and BREATHE.

If you are in the city, and there are chemtrails being sprayed in your community and a lack of natural vegetation and plant life in your area you can still go outside and breathe. We do recommend that you use one of our carbon dioxide face masks so that you can filter out bad gases and inhale good gases.

Surround yourself with individuals that inspire you, because these are the people that will stimulate the spiritual energy (electricity) inside of your body that ensure healthy functioning. 

Do not worry about anything, instead turn overthinking into activity towards the change you would like to see from this experience. Live virtuously and you will be protected from your body developing any illness, but you must embrace that before anything manifests physically on this earth it was created spiritually through the energetic bodies we live in. 

You are not your body, you are the awareness that is intertwined with this body. Embracing this fact allows you to be in the world, but not of the world. Accept that mainstream systems, institutions, and government does not have our best interest in mind because they do not have the best interests of the earth in mind. 

DO NOT, Do anything or take any actions out of FEAR. Including vaccinating yourself and our children. Including rebelling and starting a war against propaganda. DO everything out of love, and make that the forefront of your existence and you are and forever will be protected. 

Thrive during this time not by overstocking on hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and lysol. Thrive by GROUNDING yourself in Earth Mama's Medicine, and protect your energy. Get your orgonite, Get your Tourmaline and Green Fluorite and Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz. 

Breathe, and do breathing exercises regularly. 

Prepare yourself for this shift into 5th Dimensional living and awareness! 





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